Skin Whitening Infusions

Skin Whitening Infusions Glutathione Melbourne

Skin Whitening Infusions Glutathione Melbourne

If you’re unhappy with the shade of your skin or have skin pigmentation issues, then a skin lightening infusions could be for you. This involves an intravenous infusion (IV drip) of 2 main active ingredients (glutathione and vitamin C) that, over repeated treatments, acts to naturally lighten your skin and reduce excessive pigmentation


What compounds are in the Infusion?

A combination of Glutathione and Vitamin C are given via an IV drip infusion for skin lightening. These two main active ingredients acts to naturally lighten your skin and reduce excess pigmentation.

Glutathione is one of your body’s primary antioxidant. It is the single most powerful antioxidant your body produces and recycles, and is made in the liver, the organ most responsible for detoxifying your body, so optimal liver function is absolutely essential. It repairs damage caused by stress, pollution, the sun, radiation, cigarette smoke, etc. It plays an important role in detoxifying our bodies while supporting the immune system. Our bodies make its own supply but it doesn’t make enough, as glutathione levels decreases as the body ages.

Glutathione also works with your body to promote lighter skin by inhibiting the production of melanin. The lightening process starts from the inside out and creates an overall body skin lightening effect.  Glutathione reduces melanocytes which produces melanin. Reducing the melanin in the body would make your skin fairer. It also helps determine the balance of light and dark pigments (pheomelanin and eumelanin) in our skin and will take up the oxidative damaged cells (which cause skin to darken) and lighten your skin naturally and safely.

Vitamin C (also called Ascorbic Acid) is a water-soluble vitamin, and is essential to our bodies for collagen synthesis. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and our skin greatly benefits from Vitamin C because of its unique collagen-forming properties. Vitamin C is known for its antioxidant properties and has been advocated as an anti-aging remedy.  Vitamin C can restore beautiful and clear skin by enhancing collagen production and also as a tyrosinase inhibitor which acts to block the formation of melanin pigment.  When Vitamin C is given as an infusion, it will enhance the lightening appearance of skin on the entire body in a safe manner. Vitamin C will also boost our natural glutathione levels and inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase. By doing this, less melanin is produced. Vitamin C repairs skin damage after sun exposure and also acts as a mild exfoliant. By getting rid of dead skin cells, which contain melanin, the skin becomes smoother and lighter.


Why do I need an Infusion (rather than tablets)?

IV infusion can quickly replenish cellular levels of Vitamin C and Glutathione. These infusions for skin whitening have been used in China and Japan for many years to assist women with brightening their skin and are now available in western countries for people wanting brighter, lighter skin.

Glutathione is made up of three essential amino acids. When taken orally in tablet/liquid form, the gastrointestinal system breaks much of the glutathione down into its 3 component amino acids before it can be absorbed into the system. By taking glutathione intravenously, you get the supplement directly into the body in its original form, bypassing any of the degrading processes associated with oral ingestion. It’s very hard to obtain glutathione in the diet, and only a few vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and carrots contain significant levels of dietary glutathione. However, we also know that cooking these raw vegetables depletes their usable glutathione contents by nearly 100%. Similarly, the glutathione stores available in meat, dairy, and eggs, are only significant when the foods are in their raw forms. Thus, oral (via tablets or liquid) glutathione has not been proven to be effective, as it is largely destroyed in the body before it can be brought into the cells in usable form.While you can increase your vitamin C intake by eating more of certain foods e.g. citrus fruits and vegetables, or by taking oral supplements, there is a limit to how much you can consume before experiencing digestive disturbances. Often the amount of nutrients absorbed through the gut is less than ideal, due to various digestive problems. One way to ensure we get a large dose of Vitamin C is to have it injected straight into our system through the veins. This is referred to as intravenous (IV) therapy. For example, 10 g of IV vitamin C raises blood levels 25 times higher than the same dose taken orally, and this increases up to 70-fold as doses get larger.


How Often do I need these Infusions?

For skin whitening and brightening, it is recommended to have IV infusions twice to three times a week over one to three months in order to obtain full benefit (depending on the degree of skin whitening/brightening desired). Thereafter, one session every fortnight or month may be all that is needed to maintain results.


When will I see results?
It depends. Everyone has different effects since it all depends on how your body processes it- depending on your diet, activity, lifestyle, weight and height, age and metabolic factors. However, most of our clients can see noticeable change on their skin (lightening or refinement) after 4-6 vials.


Do I get back to my original colour when I stop?
Because Glutathione acts by reducing melanin (black pigment of the skin), you must take measures to avoid your body’s melanin production. Melanin production is triggered by sun exposure or lack of sun protection, inflammation, skin damage (e.g. infection, wounds, acne) medications and hair removal treatments.


Do I still need sunscreen since it makes me light?
YES, sunscreen is a must and full body protection is what you should have since you need a higher UV precaution with this procedure.


Is the lightening effect permanent?
It will be, if you maintain your Glutathione and Vitamin C supplementation (may be oral) or IV injection. Our recommended maintenance is 1-2 sessions per month after you achieve your targeted colour or skin tone. It is also best to have a healthy diet (high protein) and lifestyle with reduction of alcohol and caffeine intake and smoking.